The Boat Shed

With over 5,600 sq mtrs of fully enclosed space, the Boat Shed at Fairlie Quay is the largest in Scotland and provides safe and secure storage for boats up to 80 tons in weight and 30m in length.

The Boat Shed is a much sought-after storage facility for owners who wish to keep their boats inside for a season or year-round while undergoing refurbishment or maintenance, and offers protection from the joys of the Scottish weather

From classic wooden yachts to gleaming powerboats, smaller dayboats’ to powerful RIBS, we offer a range of storage packages for short and long term that suit everyone. Every storage position has access to a dedicated power supply, and we can also offer a boat wrap or cover service for longer term storage customers.

For those who have work scheduled, especially jobs which would be impractical outside like deck replacement, painting etc., the Boat Shed is the perfect place to keep your boat rather than risk any inclement weather.

We can also put you in touch with our Marine Service companies to help with your project including boat builders, marine engineering and electronics specialists, GRP repairers, etc., all of whom have years of experience and are located here at Fairlie Quay.

To find out how we can help look after your boat here at Fairlie Quay call us on 01475 568267, complete the form below or email us